Hornetauto OÜ can help you sell your heavy machinery by means of commission sale.

Sell you machinery to us.

The service includes:

  • cleaning of the items, removal of stickers, passenger compartment dry-cleaning and external wash
  • compiling of a sales advertisement with high-quality photos and publishing in major web portals
  • presentation of the heavy machinery on the sales site and, if necessary, a test drive on the territory
  • pre-purchase counselling
  • transportation of the vehicle to the pre-sale inspection, if necessary
  • preparation of sales’ offers
  • leasing consultation for buyers
  • inquiry for financing and insurance offers
  • organisation of the sale of assets
  • by agreement, transportation of the assets to the sales site
  • by agreement, minor repairs of the assets

If the principal personally decides to take the heavy machinery off the sale, the person is obliged to pay 3–4 euros for every sale day, including the invoices for cleaning service, transportation and minor repairs.

The principal is obliged to eliminate/settle, upon buyer’s request, all justified faults submitted to the principal; the submitted faults cannot be declined.

The principal is entitled to the money from the sale after it has been received on the commissioner’s account, but not before 7 days following the sales’ transaction and/or settling of possible demands.

VAT of 20% valid in the Republic of Estonia is added to all prices.